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Hugh Porter.

Work winning support
Market review
Competitive analysis
Support services
Interim management

Woodrush Solutions Limited..... focused on lightening up your day 

providing support services, that may include training and development on suitable tools and techniques, to achieve success and optimise the use of resources in 
► bidding, negotiating and securing major construction projects and long-term facilities management contracts 
► applying bidding best practice including task based, three point with discrete risk estimating 
► innovative problem solving and winning solution development that deliver benefits 
► market analysis and strategic business development with people in the business 
► creating financial and other business models to support business cases 
► planning, implementing and bedding in new business and projects 
► budget control and financial management 
► performance management 
► commercial management of cost, value and cash 

and interim management capability in 
► operational management of construction and services businesses and projects 
► co-ordinating acquisition and due diligence processes 
► internal and external communication and stakeholder engagement

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